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News from the Bend!

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On behalf of the River Bend Golf & Recreation Society, I would like to extend a thank you to all our past patrons of our facilities and look forward to your continued enjoyment this coming season.  We take great pride in the playing condition of the golf course and are making every effort in maintaining that standard of playing conditions.  We feel that the course provides one of the best values for golfing in Central Alberta.

It comes as no surprise that due to increased costs in both the labor and supplies front, that it is difficult to meet our financial obligations under our licensing agreement with The City of Red Deer without raising our rates.  We have tried to provide a balance between the necessary price increases and providing our patrons with affordable golf.  Every effort is being made to reduce our costs without sacrificing the quality of the product while remaining competitive. Through your continued support, we feel that those goals can be achieved.  We have not only been able to provide you with a first-class golf course but have been able to undertake numerous improvements to the golf facility with the co-operation of The City of Red Deer.

We know you have choices and appreciate you choosing our facility.

Ray P. Lewchuk