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Get Fit at The PIT!

Club fitting is a detailed process of making sure your clubs are unique to you. Our certified club fitters work with you to customize a golf club that fits the needs of your swing!

We use our GC hawk to track: spin rates, launch angles, dispersion, distance, spin axis and much more

Fitting Rates (all fittings are free with purchase of $550)

Full Bag Fitting ($100)

  • Combination of all fittings

Driver Fitting ($60)

  • Maximizing distance while having the ideal dispersion for your swing

  • Measurement of ball data

Fairway woods/hybrids/utility ($30)

  • recommending the ideal club to fit the gaps between your driver and irons

Irons ($59)

  • Get the correct set up that you need

  • The proper lie and length based on turf interaction

Wedges ($39)

  • Gapping to blend the correct lofts from your irons into your wedges

  • Bounce recommendation

Putter  ($30)

  • The club used the most!

  • Match to stroke type 

Fittings are available year round by calling the pro shop @ 403-343-8311 or by clicking the button below!

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