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Fitting Centre FAQ

We get it, getting new clubs can seem overwhelming or confusing at times but we are here to change that! Below are some commonly asked questions to get you started. 

What is the benefit of a Club fitting and is it important?

Club fittings are essential for golfers. Not every golfer, or golf swing is the same. Golf clubs that are on the wall are a stock spec. Club fitting is for everyone no matter the skill level. From beginner golfers to pro’s, you can benefit from a club fitting. Our fitters take pride in getting to know each golfer to best suit their needs.

What is a brief overview of a club fitting?

o First, we will have you warm up with what your trying to replace, and will ask you various questions to understand your game
o Measure you for length
o Hit multiple golf clubs, analyze the data, compare shafts, heads and lofts, asses lie angle and club set make up
o Measure for grip size
o Give you a recommendation on the spot and follow up with a quote

Is custom fitting expensive? Do length adjustments cost more? Loft & Lie?

NO! We have options and recommendations to fit all budgets. When custom fit your golf clubs get ordered to your spec! The Price does not change based off length/loft/lie adjustments.

Are there any upcharges?

Our fitters are upfront about upcharges through the fitting process so you are aware and there is no surprises. Some vendors offer lots of no charge custom upgrades. Lots of grips are upcharges and a few shafts across the vendors.

Is there a charge for fitting if you purchase Clubs? Is there a discounted rate for

Any total purchase of over $650 before GST the fitting fee’s will be waived. 40% off fitting rates for juniors.

How Long are fittings?

Generally an iron fitting or driver fitting will take approximately an hour to 90 minutes.
o Full bag fittings (14 clubs) takes 2-3 hours

Can a full bag fitting be split into multiple sessions?

A full bag fitting can be a lot of swings. Your average 18 handicap would only take 45 full swings on the golf course. It’s recommended that if you haven’t been playing or practicing on a regular basis to book a couple different sessions to break it up.

How accurate are the simulators?

Our Foresight GC hawk simulator uses ultra high speed camera’s that image the golf ball and club head speed measuring data without making any guesses. Our simulator is set on our elevation here in red deer and 20 degrees Celsius to ensure you are getting the most accurate data to relate to your game.

What Manufacturers do you have in your fitting center?

o Callaway
o Cobra
o Mizuno
o Taylormade
o Titleist
o Ping

Are you guys chartered dealers for any shaft manufacturers?

We are chartered account for Fujikura and offer demo shafts with our manufacturers. We also just sell shafts, and will be installed with the correct adapter and grip to best suit our customers’ needs.

Do you guys offer club repair?

Yes we do, we do all club repair. In May 2024 we will offer loft and lie adjustments
Please refer to the club repair prices on the main Fitting Centre Tab.

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